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New York: Sprint & Nextel $36B merger - Drum Cafe
Sprint's wanted to make an impact at its acquisition of Nextel, so they chose Drum Cafe . What better way to unify 40 million customers. "Communication is changing, and we will lead it," TM. Donahue, CEO.

Europe: P&G Gillette Conference-motivating Managers
Motivating over a thousand executives. Drum Cafe takes Europe by storm. A powerul and unforgetable conference for delegates and managers. Drum Cafe works with major corporations from HQ to local branches.

Drum Cafe with Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, John Howard and world leaders
Our programs are designed for the highest levels. From top profile engagements with royalty to leading diplomatic functions with Heads of State. Here the Drum Cafe's all - women drummers perform for Bill Clinton, July 2005.

Drum Cafe also recently performed for Nelson mandela at the 46664 concert. nteractive drumming for Business in The Community with Prince Charles as patron, 1,000 business leaders, London, 2002 - 2004

Other Highlights

  • Sanofi/Aventis merger in Berlin, Germany, 1700 participants, January 2005. African drummers and Western musicians on drums and percussion provided a fusion performance to represent the merger.
  • Unifem's 30th Anniversary - with host Nicole Kidman - Hilton Hotel NYC - May 2006
  • MSN in Atlanta - 750drums
  • Drum Cafe New York helps facilitate the JP Morgan/ Chase/ Bank One merger
  • Nortel Networks in Beijing, China, 700 people, January 2003
  • Launch of Coca Cola's Lemon Lite
  • Taipei, Taiwan: Foxconn annual conference 2008 - 10,000 people
  • Elite Model of the Year, Nice, France, 300 finalists with Jonny Casablanca, September 1999
  • SAP Germany conference in Stuttgart, 2,500 people, February 2003
  • Interactive drumming for Motorola, Las Vegas, 100 people, February 2003
  • Interactive drumming for Ernst & Young, 200 people, Zambia
  • Old Mutual's 160th birthday celebrations, 2005
  • The opening of the World Petroleum Conference
  • The opening of Pan African Parliament's 3rd sitting
  • 5-piece drumming for President George W. Bush on his visit to South Africa, July 2003
  • The Drum Cafe drum at Buckingham Palace for The Queen of England, during Golden Jubilee celebrations, watched by the entire Royal family and millions around the world, 2002
  • The Drum Cafe drum at the Atlanta premiere of 'King Kong'. Sigourney Weaver stopped to listen and enjoy!
  • 100 Kwaito Stars perform at Nelson Mandela's 85th birthday, Gold Reef City, 2003
  • Performed for Nelson Mandela's birthday at South African embassy in London
  • The Drum Cafe's all-women drummer perform for President Thabo Mbeki & Anglo American, July 2005
  • Standard Bank Roadshow, 30000 Standard Bank staff around the world, January-March 2005
  • The opening of the Nelson Mandela Bridge, July 2003
  • Wrote the music and performed at Miss South Africa, 2001
  • Performed at Women's World Cup Cricket, as players come onto field. Music written by the Drum Cafe
  • Live performances at 1-day Cricket Internationals
  • The Tri-nations Rugby, 25,000 drums given to audience
  • The launch of Old Mutual's building in Sandton, Johannesburg, 2003
  • The Drum Cafe's successful interactive theatre show, Drumstruck has been performing on Off-Broadway, New York from May 2005 till now! Those that have watched the show include Nicole Kidman and Rosie O'Donnell etc
  • Drumstruck tours China, Vietnam, Australia and New York to great acclaim
  • Interactive drumming for Yamanouchi Pharmaceuticals' Pan European Conference (many language groups represented - event run purely with body language), Orlando, Florida, 1,200 people, August 2004
  • The Drum Cafe was awarded "official sell-out show" at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2003
  • The Drum Cafe drum with 1,000 audience members at the Tate Modern, London, March 2005
  • World Record made at Australia Day! Interactive clapping in front of Parliament House in Canberra. 16,000 clappers handed out in a crowd of 22,000, January 2004
  • The Drum Cafe drum at the Women of Colour Multicultural Conference 2005, New York
  • Drum Cafe in the Executive PA Magazine Awards, 2005
  • The Drum Cafe drum for Camp Firefly in Atlanta, attended by Kirk Cameron.
  • Interactive drumming for Microsoft Tech-ed, Amsterdam. 6,000 people, June 2004
  • Standing ovation for Hewlett Packard Event, 250 people, January 2005
  • Interactive drumming for Ernst and Young, Florida, 1,100 people, 2005
  • Texas Library Association (3000 librarians at the capital)
  • Drum Cafe perform at the opening show of the 50th Anniversary Reunion Convention, Texas. Featured on the cover of the International Festivals & Events Association magazine
  • The Drum Cafe drums up tunes with 2005 Australian Idols
  • The Drum Cafe make music with Vanessa Amarosi, 2005
  • Interactive drumming, Woolworths, 4800 people drum together at Sydney Entertainment Centre, 2005
  • AMP - 1,300 Financial Planners drumming up business in Perth
  • The Drum Cafe makes music for Celebrity Theatre Sports and support Starlight Foundation, 2005
  • The Drum Cafe Singapore launches with a fantastic showcase at Legends, 2005
  • The Drum Cafe drums for a Wella product launch throughout Australia: Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane & Sydney, 2005
  • Drumming in Tasmania with Hotando at Cataract, Gorge & Launceston, 2005
  • Questacon – opening of a science of music exhibition at museum, Canberra, May 2005
  • 8 events for Amway China, largest 2,400 people, total of 13,800 people making music with the Drum Cafe , 2005
  • The Drum Cafe drums with J8 Junior representatives, G8 Summit, Edinburgh, Scotland, 180 people, July 2005
  • Lithuania State Bank and Hansa Bank, Vilnius, Lithuania, 700 people, September 2001
  • All-women drummers tour Netherlands for the Festival Mundial.
  • Twice daily performances at the Toronto Zoo throughout the summer, 2005
  • Interactive drumming for a Dimension Data Event, 150 people, Mallorca, Spain, October 2005
  • Interactive drumming for Deutsche Leasing, 1,400 people, Frankfurt, October, 2005
  • Interactive drumming for the sponsoring congress in Germany for the 2010 Football World Cup, 150 people, Moenchengladbach, Germany. September 2005
  • Drum Cafe wins Best Small Business Award at the Multi Cultural Heritage Awards in San Diego, 2005
  • The opening of the Women's Jail, Constitution Hill, 100 people
  • High-profile launch of Louis Vuitton's hand luggage range in South Africa
  • 30-Piece drumming performance for the Sasol Springbok jersey launch, October 2004
  • Launch of the Drum Cafe Book: Traditional Music of South Africa. The Book has since been featured on 3Talk, SABC Africa, Morning Live, Radio Today & SAFM as “Book of the Week”
  • Nu Metro premiere of Drum (The movie), Montecasino, Johannesburg, July 2005
  • 1 of the Drum Cafe's drumming groups perform for the Seikh in the Seychelles
  • Drum Cafe's all-women drumming group perform for BBC with one of SA's top choirs: Imiljoni KaNtu Choral Society, May 2005
  • Old Mutual Road Show, 2,020 people, September 2001
  • Nedcor Road Show, 2,170 people, December 2002
  • Inauguration of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, 2004
  • Cell C Roadshow, launch of Sound of the City – Durban, Cape Town & Johannesburg, 2005
  • Loreal, sound journey, launch of new Lancôme fragrance, Hypnose, 2005
  • Opened the Vodacom year-end function 2,005, 5,000 people
  • Received a standing ovation at the SAACI National Conference, July 2005
  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange – various company listings on a regular basis
  • Interactive clapping at BMW's Family Day, Gold Reef City, 12,000 people, 2004
  • All-women drummers perform for Gauteng Shared Service Centre, Freedom Day, April 2005, 1,200 people
  • The Drum Cafe performed at the opening of Gauteng Provincial Legislature's new building, 1,000 people, February 2005
  • The Drum Cafe performed for Premier Foods' launching of a new positioning statement to the media
  • Kaya FM birthday party, 2003
  • Vodaworld's birthday, 2004
  • 2010 World Cup Soccer Bid, 2004
  • Karate World Cup, 2004
  • CNN at Sandton Convention Centre and Journalist of Year Awards
  • Newsmaker of the Year Awards (when Mark Shuttleworth won), 2003
  • The Drum Cafe drums with YPO (Young People's Organisation), 400 people, Cape Town's V&A Waterfront, July 2005
  • The Drum Cafe drums with the entire Sales team of ABI, Sun City, 700 people, June 2005
  • The Drum Cafe performed for SAP at Sun City over two days in February, 2005
  • Drumming for Telkom, 1,000 people
  • Interactive drumming for Avroy Shlain, Sun City, 900 people
  • Kentz engineering (25th celebrations), performed for 350 people
  • VW Bus Launch
  • Performed at Investec year-end function, 200 people, Kilimanjaro
  • Performed at the Nike Dance Event
  • Performed at FNB Million Rand Awards, 300 people
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